Being Too Friendly With The Enemy

Joshua 9:1-27

The people of Israel have just defeated the city of Ai and are preparing to march deeper into Canaan as they claim the Promised Land that the Lord had given to them. They now have a couple of victories under their belts. They had to learn a difficult lesson before they defeated Ai, and there are more lessons for them to learn as they move forward to possess the land that God has promised them. The next lesson they must learn deals with becoming too friendly with the enemy. As believers we also must consider this important lesson. The Bible tells us that our enemy, Satan, is like a roaring lion that is seeking someone to devour. He is a very effective adversary, and we are warned that we must watch for his attacks. As we study this passage, let's learn the lesson that Israel had to learn. There is danger in becoming too friendly with our enemy. Read: v1-13

I. The Enemy Can Be Deceptive v1-13

II. The Enemy Can Be Destructive v14-21

III. The Enemy Can Be Defeated v22-27

Will we fail the Lord as we go through life? Probably, and often! However, our sins and mistakes do not have to knock us out of the Lord's work! When we fail we need to allow the Lord to use that time of sin, chastisement, correct, repentance and restoration in our lives for His glory.

What the enemy means for our defeat can be turned into the source of our greatest victories, if we will allow the Lord to have His way in our mistakes. We can't undo the things we have done, but we can bring them to Jesus and He can use them to help us grow in Him.