Sin & Its Consequences

Joshua 7:1-26

Israel has just been involved in the greatest military conquest in their history. They have just witnessed the tremendous defeat of the city of Jericho and they are still basking in the glow of that great event. But, verse 1 tells us that God was upset with the people. Israel thought that everything was all right. They thought that they were standing on the edge of a great string of victories that would see them conquering the entire land of promise. Yet, what they didn't know was that there was a problem in the camp. There was one in their midst who was causing a problem for the entire family of God.

May I say that things are still the same today? According to the Bible, when one member of the body has problems, the entire body has problems. You see your spiritual temperature has a deep effect on the entire body of Christ. You are not an island unto your self. What you do affects the entire church body.

Sin causes problems. It causes them for the sinner and for everyone else around them. Most of us are guilty of being like Achan from time to time. When we allow sin into our lives and try to hide our sins or try to cover it up, we bring pain and trouble into our lives. These verses reveal to us the consequences of sin, and the correction that is necessary.

I. A Painful Defeat v1-5

II. A Painful Discovery v6-15

III. A Painful Death v16-26

I. A Painful Defeat

II. A Painful Discovery

III. A Painful Death

A hard lesson to be learned! "The wages of sin is death…" God's attitude toward sin hasn't changed.

We may have ourselves convinced that we can get involved with sin and not have to suffer the consequences, but that simply isn't true! What a sad account following such a wonderful victory. But that is the way it is. When we disobey God's commands, we bring upon ourselves and others the judgment of God. How much better to obey Him, and follow His Word.