Ready To Conquer

Joshua 5:1-13

Read v1 The heathen nations in Canaan saw the powerful manner in which the Lord brought His children through the Jordan and that they were totally demoralized by these events. It would appear that this would be the perfect time for Joshua to lead the people forward into the attack. However, instead of commanding His people to go forward into the battle, God commands them to remain at Gilgal and to do several things that, on the surface, appear very strange. It even appears that the things they are required to do puts them at risk before their enemies. While the ways of the Lord may appear strange to you and me, Isaiah reminds us that His ways are above our ways.

God never gets in a hurry! He has the liberty to take His time and do things on His schedule. While the things that happen in this chapter appear strange against the backdrop of impending battle, the truth of the matter is God is simply preparing His army to fight. God's battle are spiritual battles. If we expect to fight in these battles and do well, then we must make the right kind of spiritual preparations.

The Lord is preparing His people Israel for the battle. He wants top do the same in our lives. You see, we all have battle to fight, and if we expect to overcome and achieve the victory, then we must learn to make the right kind of spiritual preparations.

Israel appeared ready for the battle. They possessed a large army and they faced an enemy that was terrified at their presence. However, God knew that they would never be ready to fight and win the battle until the proper spiritual preparations had been made. That is what this passage is all about. The lessons taught here can help prepare us for victory in our walk with Him.

I. Renewing Their Covenant With The Lord v2-7

II. Reaffirming Their Confidence In The Lord v8

III. Removing Their Condemnation By The Lord v9

IV. Remembering The Commitment Of The Lord v10-12

V. Recognizing The Control Of The Lord v13-15

Are we ready for victory? Not before we make certain preparations. Will you come this evening and prepare for the victory that God has planned for your life? Come now whatever the need.