Two Memorials

Joshua 4:1-24

Read: v1-9

Joshua's leadership was "magnified" in the sight of all Israel. They knew that he was God's mighty leader in the will of God. The miracle of crossing the Jordan was just a token of what God was going to do in their midst in the coming days. Joshua had said, "Hereby ye shall know that the living God is among you, and that HE WILL WITHOUT FAIL drive out from before you the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Hivites...etc."

Imagine as a father walks with his son by the river Jordan. Looking into the water, the boy saw a neatly piled marker of 12 stones. To his surprise, he stumbled upon an identical pile of stones on the bank. With curiosity aroused, he asked his father, "What do these stones mean?" The father, an obedient son of Abraham obeyed the word of the Lord and related how Jehovah had delivered the children of Israel out of Egypt, through the wilderness, and across the Jordan into the Promised Land. In detail he would have described how God had stayed the waters of the river as the priests held the Ark of the Covenant in the midst of the riverbed. He reported how at that very spot the priests had brought the Ark over into Canaan after all the people had passed through the Jordan. God, he told the lad, had commanded that the two piles of stones should be placed there to remind each succeeding generation of this miraculous deliverance.

I. The Establishment of the Memorials.

II. The Importance of Memorials. v19-24

III. The Memorials of Christ.

We need memorials to remind us of what a mighty and wonderful God we serve. We are so prone to forget His wonderful works in our lives. It would be easy for us to look at Israel with disdain and shame them for their forgetfulness, but we are just as guilty! The Lord initiated the memorials for us because He knew us! "As oft as ye do this do it in remembrance of me…"

Perhaps you are here tonight and you do not have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The memorials will not mean much to you. May I invite you to come tonight and let us share the gospel with you? Jesus died on Calvary to pay the debt of our sin…we can be forgiven as we accept Him by faith. Will you trust Him today?

Christian, do we remember what God did for us? How He gave His Son that we might have eternal life? Let's not forget. Let's live for Him!