Getting Our Feet Wet

Joshua 3:1-17

Read: v1-6

The time had come for them to cross over into the Promised Land. As they made ready for the crossing, it was necessary for them to have a reminder of God's presence and promises to look toward. They needed something to occupy their thoughts as they crossed over into a new land. If not:

  1. Some might fix their sight upon the past and want to remain right where they were.
  2. Others might fix their eyes upon the river and be afraid to cross over.
  3. Still others might look at the unknown land upon the other side and because of fear, turn back.

Joshua told the people, "When ye see the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God…remove from your place, and go after it." v3

  1. There is a certain amount of security in the past, we know what has happened and we can cope with it.
  2. Fear grips the heart of many people who are afraid of what might happen in the future, and they determine to live in the past.
  3. But we must go on! Joshua told the people, "Tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you." v5
  4. God has so much more for us in the tomorrow than He had for us in the yesterday! 5. The past, no matter how wonderful or blessed, cannot compare with the future!

The time had come for them to cross over, but it was humanly impossible for them to do it! They needed God to intervene. The same is true for our lives as believers. We must push forward to victory in Christ, but in order to do so…God must intervene! Let's consider and learn from this experience in the life of God's people. Some preparation was necessary for them to cross over into victory.

I. The People Were Sanctified. v1-6

II. The Lord Was Glorified. v7-13

III. The Word Was Verified. v14-17

We will never walk in victory until we are willing to step out by faith and get our feet wet! We must be willing to step out by faith and trust God to do the rest.

If we hesitate and balk at the message of God…if we refuse to step out in obedience…then we are limiting the blessings that God has for us.

God's man delivered God's message to God's people. They heard and obeyed. As a result they passed over into victory. Do we want victory in our lives?