The Soldier of the Lord

Joshua 1:1-9

Shortly after being saved, Pat and I began working with children in children's church. I often tell folks that I learned to preach in children's church and nursing homes. If you can focus on preaching in those kinds of situations, you can preach anywhere and not worry about distractions! I learned how to project my voice above a room full of noise, and to be myself and not worry what others may think. Sometimes folks are laughing with me, and at other times they are laughing at me…but either way I just go on! It was also in these ministries that I learned how to sing loud and with enthusiasm. God deliver us from the thinking that you must sing good to sing loud! God's Word tells us that we are to make a joyful noise unto the Lord! I learned a little song that is a favorite among young people. "I'm in the Lord's Ar-my" Well, all of us have been drafted…we have been called to be soldiers for the Lord. As soldiers, we have responsibilities or duties to perform. We read of Joshua's commissioning in this first chapter. Moses was dead, and Joshua was called to 'arise and go'. God was calling him to lead the nation of Israel into the Promised Land and possess it. In like manner we are to possess all that God has for us as believers. Let's begin our study this evening and look at chapter one.

Read: Joshua 1:1-5

I. The Duty of Courage and Strength.

II. The Duty of Obedience to the Word. v7?8

III. The Assurance of Victory. v8-9

What do we have to do to see these things come to pass in our lives? Just one thing: Trust God! When we can learn to place our faith in God at all times in every situation, then we will walk in victory in our lives.

When everything else fails, faith will ever stand the test! We might let the Lord down, but He will never fail the believer who has their faith in Him!