God in Pursuit #3

Jonah 3:1-10

We have been looking at the life and experience of the Old Testament prophet Jonah. Now I hope that our approach to this familiar book isn't one that only considers the historical view. Certainly, we could study this or any passage and only learn history; but my goal and desire is that we learn and apply the personal lessons from God that we can find as we study. We all should be able to identify personally with Jonah. God called him to complete a specific task, and he chose to rebel against the Lord. Remember we said rebellion is when a person knows what God wants for them to do, but intentionally says no to God.

God wasn't satisfied with Jonah's answer. He began to pursue him…even though Jonah tried to get as far away from God as he could, God loved him and pursued him through the storm, the sailors, and finally through the fish. Oh how thankful I am that God pursues His disobedient children. As a matter of fact, it reveals an important truth.

God will chasten His children! He will not allow us to stray without coming after us. For that I am thankful! Last week we left Jonah dripping with 'fish saliva'.

Now in this third chapter we have a new beginning. Rewind back to when God initially called Jonah (1:2). Now that Jonah is ready to obey God he finds that God hasn't changed His mind one bit. Repentance brings us back to the place where we left God's will. In God's wonderful grace, He gives Jonah a second opportunity to obey Him.

In chapter one, we saw Jonah running from God, in chapter two we saw Jonah running back to God, and now in chapter three we see Jonah obeying God. When we view God we find that in chapter one we focused on God's patience, in chapter two it was God's pardon, and now in this chapter it is God's power. Jonah preached and the people of Nineveh turned to God.

Read: Jonah 3:1-10

I. Jonah is Re-Commissioned.

II. Jonah Obeyed and God Blessed.

III. Thoughts on Revival.

We belong to a God who loves us and cares for us so much that He will not give up on us. He won't let us go away from Him without coming after us, because He loves us too much to allow that to happen. Jonah ran from God, but God came after him. Then, God revived him…Jonah was put back into active duty.

What about us tonight? Are we running from God? Do we need revival? Will you come and do business with God. Whatever your need, will you come to the Lord? Come now.