Jesus: Our Suffering Savior

John 18:1-40

We have come to understand the meaning behind a number of phrases in the English language. One phrase that everyone understands is "It isn't a pretty picture". We know what that means. Don't look at it, don't even consider it, it isn't pleasant at all. Up to this point in our study of the Gospel of John, we have seen some wonderful pictures of our Savior. However, the next couple of portraits of Christ are not easy for us to look at. "It isn't a pretty picture!' Historically, mankind has sought to turn away their eyes from what happened to Jesus. Some choose to deny that it took place, and others refuse to acknowledge the importance of our Savior's suffering, but this morning that is exactly what I want us to view. As we look into the pages of God's Word, realize that His suffering was for you and for me.

I. He Suffered in His Arrest v1-12

II. He Suffered in the Hands of the Priests. v13-27

III. He Suffered at the Hands of Pilate. v28-40

Jesus became our Suffering Savior, not because of His inability to resist the religious powers, but because of His great love for you and me. Jesus suffered the injustices of sinful man, that we might enjoy the blessings of eternal life. It is not a pretty picture. Perhaps it is one that we would like to forget, but we cannot.

Do you know Christ personally? Have you been born again, cleansed by His blood? Are we living for Him, or are we denying Him? May God deal with our hearts in grace this morning.