Jesus: The Fountain Of Living Water

John 7:37-39

According to verse 2, the Jews were celebrating the Feats of Tabernacles. This was a feast that occurred during the first part of our month of October. During this seven-day feast, the Jews lived in booths made of tree branches to commemorate their forefather's pilgrimage through the wilderness. On each of these seven days, the High Priest would go to the Pool of Siloam and draw out water in a golden vessel. This water would then be poured out on the altar where the parts of the sacrifice were arranged. As the water was poured out, the people sang unto the Lord and shouted for joy. It was a time of great celebration and worship for the people. This kind of celebrating continued for 7 days. The eighth day was called the great day of the feast. On this day, sacrifices were again offered, but there was no singing and no shouting, this was known as a solemn day of repentance before the Lord. Another element was missing on this day as well; there was no water poured out on the eighth day.

It was against this backdrop of silence and symbolism that Jesus stood up and proclaimed Himself to be the Fountain Of Living Water. When He spoke, thousands would have been present to hear Him, and everyone who heard him would have instantly understood what He meant.

I. Jesus is the Source v. 37-38

II. The Living Water Brings Blessings.

III. This Living Water Is Available To All. v37

Where do you stand in regard to salvation? You may be a church member, may be faithful in attendance. You may be a visitor here today. You may be someone who is considered by others to be wicked and beyond hope. Whatever you situation today, rest assured that if you will come to Jesus Christ today, He will save you by His power and give you everlasting life. All that is required of you is that you came and that you believe on Him.