Jesus: The Soul Winner

John 4:1-30

(Prov 11:30) The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.

"He that winneth souls is wise." Knowledge is the accumulation of information, but wisdom is seeing things from God's perspective. We know that God is interested in the eternal destiny of souls. If we are to be wise, we must also be interested in souls. No greater example can be found in the Scripture than that of Jesus Christ. In our text this morning, He is presented as One who cares for the souls of others. From Nathaniel in the beginning of His ministry to the thief on the cross at the end of His ministry, Jesus was busy about bringing sinners unto Himself. He genuinely cared for the fallen and was willing to reach out to all, whatever the cost!

In these verses, we see Jesus as He speaks with a poor, lost, sinful woman. As we prepare to look to this passage, let me ask a couple of questions. Do you know the Lord? Are you genuinely saved today? If not, please know from the outset that Jesus cares for you.

That was the cry of David many years ago when he found himself in the midst of a crisis. In fact, it may be true that no man on this earth truly cares about you or what happens to your soul. But Jesus cares! He cared so much that He willingly left Heaven and proved His love by dying for your sins and mine on the cross.

For those here without Christ, please let the Lord to speak to your heart this morning. Come to Jesus for salvation. He cares for you, and He will demonstrate that fact if you will allow Him the opportunity.

Christian, learn from the Savior's example. He longs to use us to reach this lost and dying world.

I. The Confrontation With A Sinful Woman v1-8

II. The Conversation With A Sinful Woman

III. The Conversion Of A Sinful Woman v27-30

Jesus makes the difference in every life He touches. Has He touched your life? Has He redeemed you from your sins? I invite you to come to Jesus today and to allow Him to save your eternal souls. There is absolutely nothing more important than where we will spend eternity, and that all rests upon what we decide about Jesus. Come to Him today and be saved.