The Great Commission In Particular

John 20:21-23

The average Christian does not feel any sense of responsibility in carrying out the Great Commission. Many members give some type of mission offering because of the Great Commission, but there seems to be very few believers who comprehend the magnitude of their personal responsibility to the lost world.

Matthew presented the Procedure for the us to follow in making and developing disciples for world evangelization. Mark tells us the Method which must be followed. The individual believer is to witness to those in his individual world. Luke stresses the Message which must be presented in order to make genuine believers.

John presents Jesus as the Son of God. As the Son of God, Jesus felt the tremendous need of the lost, their hopeless plight and the consuming consequences if they die lost. He labored under heavy responsibility to the lost. When John presented his view of the Great Commission given by Jesus, he passed this individual responsibility on to the believer.

Years ago when D. L. Moody was first saved, he was presented to a Church board as a candidate for church membership. He was asked the question, "What has Jesus done for you in particular?" Young Dwight who was nervous and untaught in the Scriptures replied, "I know He has done a lot for us all in general, but I can not think of anything He has done for me in PARTICULAR." He was not accepted for membership, but later became the greatest evangelist of his day. The apostle John's account of the Great Commission attempts to take the responsibility of the believer out of the general category and make the individual believer feel his responsibility to a lost world in PARTICULAR.

I. A Vivid Presentation of the Commission.

II. A Vivid Postscript to the Commission.

III. A Vivid Interpretation of the Commission.


The Bible stresses method as much as it teaches doctrine. Christianity is not a philosophy; Christianity is a way of life. The Great Commission according to John speaks not in general, but to the individual in particular.

Do we accept personal responsibility for reaching the lost? Are we personally involved in reaching them today? The harves is hear and around the world. Will we be able to say, along with Paul, that we are pure from the blood of all men? Only if we have done all that we could to reach them!