Life Made Over Again

Jeremiah 18:1-6

Here we have the parable of the potter. Jeremiah was at a very low point in his ministry. The nation of Judah had turned their backs upon God. They were following false prophets and were worshipping idols instead of God. Jeremiad was faced with the task of preaching repentance to a rebellious and backslidden nation. Now it was necessary for God to teach dim a lesson, so He sent dim down to the potter's douse. There are some vital lessons in this parable for us today. Each object in the parables has a significant meaning.

I. God is the Potter.

II. Man is the Clay

III. Life is the Wheel.

Now that we've seen the significance of each object in the parable, let's read it again: v 1-4

Jeremiah saw that the vessel made of clay was marred. He could see the nation of Judah readily as the unyielding rebellious vessel, but that wasn't the lesson to be learned. The potter did not cast away the vessel - he made it over again. There is the lesson! God can take an unyielding and rebellious life and make it into something worthwhile and useful. He can do it for you today if you will just let Him. Perhaps you have been stubborn and unyielding to God Why not let Him have His way today?