Hath a Nation Changed Their Gods?

Jeremiah 2:9-13

Jeremiah could not be called the greatest of the prophets, but he certainly should be remembered for his faithfulness. He began his ministry in the days of Josiah the king of Judah, and for forty-two years he preached trying to awaken the nation to what was about to happen to it. He tried to get them turned around, to save them from the judgment of God. But in all those forty-two years he never once saw any sign of encouragement. Never did he see a sign that what he was saying had any impact at all upon these people. Yet he remained faithful. Through much personal sorrow, struggle, heartache, difficulty and danger, he performed what God had sent him to do!

The nation of Judah is in view here today, but the Word of God is fresh and new every day. How easily we can place our own nation into this account. Or better yet, how easily we can place ourselves into this passage of Scripture.

I. Consider the Longsuffering of God. Read: 2:1-9

II. God Asks a Question: v10-11a

III. God Answers His Question. v11b-13

Conclusion: What must we do? If you are here this morning and you know that you have drifted away from God, listen to His word in Je. 3:12-14 (read). If you have never been saved this morning, then you need to hear His word in Is. 55:1 (read). The invitation is open today, come to Christ and enjoy the fountain of living waters...come back where you belong...whatever the need...come now and don't delay!