How to Conquer Temptation

James 1:19-27

In the last few weeks we have looked at the reason for temptation and the source of evil temptation. Tonight I want us to complete the first chapter of James and see how to conquer temptation when it comes. (And it will come!)

James tells us that there is a way to conquer sinful temptation. That power is available when the Word of God is active and abiding in our lives.

I. Be Ready to Receive the Word. v19-21

II. Be Obedient to the Word. v22-25

III. Evidence of Victory v26-27

How can we overcome temptation? Be ready to receive the Word…Be obedient to the Word that we receive…the evidence will be visible in our lives. There is no victory in just hearing. We must obey God and do it.