Genuine Faith

James 2:19-26

Read: Jas. 2:19-26

Read: Ro. 4:1-5

There are some who misunderstand these verses. I have had folks try to prove that the Bible is contradictory in this area. But the problem is our understanding of "Genuine Faith". This morning I would like for us to re-examine these Scriptures and consider our faith. To answer the question, is our faith genuine?

I. Easy-Believism.

II. From Faith to Faith.

III. Genuine faith works.

IV. Evidence of our Faith.

We are quick to judge genuineness of others. It is time for us to see if we are in the faith. Not some casual, ho-hum religious activity, but are we living the faith. Is our faith genuine faith? If not, why not come and trust Christ today. Have we failed to exhibit a consistent walk of faith in our lives? Come today.