How To Be A Friend Of God

James 2:23

There is a tremendous principle and challenge in this passage of God's Holy Word. This tells us of the greatest characteristic of Abraham. Abraham is the patriarch of the Jews. God called him to be the father of the nation of Israel. We can also see that Abraham was a great military man. He took on the five armies of the north and defeated them. (Gen. 14)

In James 2:23 we see one of the highest titles, if not the highest, that can be given to an earthling. "He was a friend of God." In Exodus 33:11, we read of Moses. "And the LORD spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend...." However, only Abraham is referred to as a "friend of God" in the entire Bible. This morning I would like to examine Abraham's life to discover why he was called the friend of God.

Our Lord used the term "friend or friends" in the N.T. He told His disciples that they were no longer slaves, or servants, but were His friends. I believe it is a great privilege to be called the "Friend of God, or Friend of Christ."

Friendship in this connotation is speaking of intimacy. More than just a close acquaintance. "One who is attached to another by affection." So, we must understand that there was a reason why Abraham was called "The Friend of God." It is possible to be a child of God and not be a friend of God.

It is possible to be saved and not have that intimate relationship with God that would qualify us as His friend. Let's examine why Abraham carried this title. In Genesis we will see four characteristics that he possessed and why he was called the Friend of God.

I. He Submitted To The Direction Of God cf . Ge. 12:1-4.

II. He Separated From The Godless Crowd. Gen. 14:21-23.

III. He Was Willing To Stand On The Dependability Of God Gen. 15:1-6.

IV. He Was Willing To Sacrifice His Dearest To God Gen. 22:1-6.

A friend places no boundaries on his heart, but places everything upon the altar of sacrifice for God. Abraham was the friend of God. How about you and I today? I wonder how close we can come to being classified as the "Friend of God."