Making Our Life Count for Christ

James 4:13-14

Our lives are so brief in the light of eternity. God has given each of us a certain amount of time on this earth. And we are the ones who are responsible for what we do with our lives. The most important decision we will ever make is whether or not we accept Christ as our Savior. I certainly hope that you have made that choice today, if not, I trust that before this day is over you will accept Christ. But that is only the first step in doing what God wants us to do. Jesus Christ wants our lives to count for Him.

The question we must ask ourselves this morning is this: "If our life should end right now, could we look back upon it and see that it has counted for Christ?" Or have we been drifting along, safe and secure in Him, but in reality unconcerned over living our lives to please and honor Him? There are some definite things that we can do that will insure that our lives will count for Christ.

I. Make A Deliberate Commitment To Him.

II. Abandon Our Life for Christ.

III. Burn Our Bridges Behind Us.

IV. Crown Him Lord of All.

This morning, do you know Christ as Savior? Does our life count for Him? We cannot go back and change the past, but what we do today can change our future. The choice is ours today.