God's Rx for a Blessed Life

James 5:12-20

In the previous verses in this chapter we received warnings concerning our attitude toward wealth or prosperity and our attitude toward affliction. James tells us to keep the right perspective on both of these areas. Now he turns his attention toward the positive. In the closing verses of this chapter he encourages the believers with a prescription for a blessed Christian life. It is possible for us to be happy even in the midst of trials and testings. James gives us some practical advice as to how we should respond to the various circumstances that we might find ourselves.

I. Be a Person of Your Word. v12

II. Be a Person of Prayer and Praise. v13

III. Be a Person of Faith v14-15

IV. Be a Person of Righteousness. v16-18

V. Be a Person of Compassion.

We all want God's blessings upon our lives. James gives the prescription for a life of blessing.

Do we need to recommit ourselves to being the kind of person that God would have us to be? Come right now, and do business with God.