Warnings about Patience

James 5:7-11

Read : v7-11

Last week we looked at what James had to say with regard to warnings concerning wealth and our attitude toward riches. Tonight the warnings continue, but these warnings concern our patience. Five different times in these verses, God calls upon us to be patient.

'Well, I just couldn't take it anymore and I lost my patience!' Have we ever said something like that? That is an ungodly way to behave. Does that sound harsh to us tonight? Ungodly? Certainly it is ungodly for us to be impatient. Patience is part of the fruit of the Spirit as Paul relates to us in Galatians 5. So when we lack patience or lose patience it is contrary to how God would have us behave.

Remember James deals with our behavior as believers…this book is not just theological but it is practical. God warns us not to lose our patience, but to BE PATIENT

I. Be Patient For The Lord Is Going To Come Again. v7a

II. Be As Patient As The Farmer. v7b-9

III. Be As Patient As The Prophets. v10

IV. Be As Patient As Job In Suffering Trials And Temptations. v11

Patience = longsuffering = enduring all things. This is not what the flesh wants to do. The flesh wants what it wants and it wants it now! God wants us to be patient. He gives us several examples of patience. Is patience a word that describes our character or our behavior? God desires that we be like Jesus.

Read: Romans 15:1-6