James 4:1-10

As we begin tonight, we are reminded that James is merely continuing his train of thought from the previous chapter. In chapter three he warned us of the danger of an uncontrolled tongue and from ungodly wisdom (or way of thinking). Now he gets very personal and practical with his readers. Churches in his day were not that much different from churches today. There were wars, fightings, quarrels, factions, and every evil work. Keep in mind that the church is a reflection of the families, and the families are a reflection of individual spirituality. In the first ten verses of this chapter, James introduces us to three enemies that we must battle (by the way, our enemies are NOT other believers). He then gives us the peaceful solution to each battle.

(James 4:1) "From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?"

I. Sensual Warfare v1-3

II. Spiritual Warfare v4-5

III. Satanic Warfare v6-7

IV. Solution to Warfare v8-10 "Draw nigh unto God"

We are in a warfare that is sensual, spiritual, and satanic. Instead of praying we are grabbing; instead of getting to know God we are cozying up to the world; and instead of resisting the devil we are embracing his wisdom and attitude.

We are losing the war even as we sing about 'Victory in Jesus'. Real victory comes from drawing near to God, in faith and repentance; cleansing ourselves from the old habits that weigh us down. We must humble ourselves before Him and He has promised to bless us and lift us up. Let's put an end to the wars that are tearing us apart.