The Tongue

James 3:1-12

According to statisticians, the average person spends at least one fifth of his or her life talking. Ordinarily, in a single day enough words are used to fill a 50-page book. In one year's time the average person's words would fill 132 books, each containing 400 pages! That is a lot of talking! The power of the tongue cannot be overestimated. This passage of Scripture deals with the tremendous power of the tongue, mainly on the evil side. The description given here is one of the tongue that is uncontrolled by the Spirit of God. In verse 2 we are told the sign of a 'mature' Christian is one who has his tongue under control. If we are able to bridle (to check, restrain, or moderate) the tongue, we can control the whole life. Our words can bring comfort and encourage-ment, even life, or they can bring discourage-ment, defeat and even death. This evening we want to give special attention to what the Word of God has to say concerning the tongue.

I. Teachers are being specifically addressed. v1

II. The Tongue Stumbles and Sins Often v2

III. The Tongue is a Little Member v3-5a

IV. The Tongue is a Destroyer. v5b-6

V. The Tongue is a Restless Evil. v7-12

What about our tongues tonight? Have we yielded them to God? Or are we like the fountain that brings forth both sweet and bitter waters? Our tongues are small but mighty…how we use them can either build up or tear down.