Saved By Church Attendance

Hebrews 10:23-25

The title of the message tonight is "Saved By Church Attendance". Now, before you have a cardiac arrest, or begin to accuse me of preaching heresy, let me clarify that title. We know that the Bible teaches clearly the only way of eternal salvation is by grace through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ as atonement for our sin. We cannot add to that nor take away from that. But, what I want us to consider tonight is that there is much benefit from being faithful in our church attendance. Not that a person obtains salvation by church attendance, but rather that a Christian can be saved from certain things by church attendance. Attending the house of the Lord is one of the greatest privileges that a child of God has. The reason so many Christians never become great Christians is that they don't make church attendance an absolute must in their life; consequently, many homes are putting out offspring who have adopted the same philosophy concerning attending God's house.

I. Saved From Doubt Of Salvation

II. Saved From Defeat In Service

III. Saved From Drought of the Spirit.

Being faithful in attendance to our local church brings great benefits to us as believers. God established the local church for our benefit, not to cause us hurt. The Scripture tells us that Christ loved the church (assembly not the building) and gave Himself for it. It is of great value to our Lord, and it is of great value to us as His children. We are:

      1. Saved From Doubt Of Salvation
      2. Saved From Defeat In Service
      3. Saved From Drought of the Spirit