Disappointment With God

Habakkuk 1:2

Last week I spoke about the disappointments of life that come to all of us. The emphasis was that we should deal properly with these disappointments and avoid growing disappointed with life itself. When disappointments come, we should allow them to draw us closer to the God of all comfort. We should allow them to remind us that this world is not our home, and that one day we will be with the Lord. That is true for all who have put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. For all who are born again. But when disappointments in this life are not handled properly, we are in danger of growing bitter towards God. We begin blaming God for what happens in our lives. Interesting article in the paper this week concerning Hillary Clinton's evaluation of her husband. She doesn't blame him for his moral failure and affair with Monica. She says, "He is just weak." How typical of today's thinking. No one is at fault… we are all victims. Since we didn't do anything wrong, we cannot or should not be held accountable for our behavior. After all, Jesus forgave Peter. Right?

There is a fundamental flaw in that type of thinking. It bypasses the need for repentance. God calls on us to take responsibility for our behavior. He calls upon us to repent and turn to Him in faith. When we fail to take personal responsibility for our actions, we must find someone else to blame. Once we begin blaming others, it is just a short step to blaming God. This morning I want to talk about the danger of being disappointed with God. Some of us have seen or experienced things in our lives that have produced a level of disappointment with God. He hasn't come through in the way we thought He should. Perhaps you came to Christ and found that circumstances didn't magically change. Life is still a struggle - maybe even more so. Maybe you refuse to come to Christ because they see in the world a grave injustice that ought to be rectified if there really is a God. There are many who think they are atheists or agnostics, but in reality they are just disappointed with God.

Note: Habakkuk 1:2

I. Questions of the Disappointed

II. We Need Something to Believe In

III. Dealing With Disappointment

Here's the bottom line ...

It's our decision. We can choose to trust or we can struggle with the disappointments and allow ourselves to grow bitter toward God.

What about it? Are we going to trust the God who loves us, who's in control, who wants to deepen our faith - or are we going to live a life filled with disappointment over questions that we can't answer? Life is made up of many choices. What choices will you make today?

If you have never placed your faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on Calvary and accepted Him as Savior and Lord, why not come and make that choice today?

Whatever the need, will you come?