Names of God: Jehovah-jireh

Genesis 22:14

Over the past several weeks we have been looking at the various ways that God has revealed Himself to us in Scripture indicated by His names. Each name that God uses for Himself reveals to us an aspect of His character that helps us to know Him better.

This evening we come to one of the many compound names of Jehovah: Jehovah-Jirah. Most of the compound names of God come from some historic Biblical event and teach that Jehovah is able to meet some human need by some aspect of His character. This name comes from the memorable event that took place in the life of Abraham.

I. The Historical Setting

II. The Meaning Of Jehovah-Jireh

III. The Importance Of The Name

The name Jehovah-Jirah reminds us that the Lord is the One who sees our need, and He is the One who will provide. He has provided in the past, and He will continue to provide. We can trust His provision!