The Names of God - Adonai 

Genesis 15:1-2

These are some of the names through which God has chosen to reveal His nature and character to us. This evening we want to consider another name God uses. Adonai, which means Lord - sovereign, master, is used 300 times in the O.T. in reference to God.

Adonai signifies ownership or lordship and when used of God it indicates the truth that He is owner of each member of the human race, and that He consequently claims the unrestricted obedience of all.

I. The Use of Adonai in the O.T.

II. The Use of Adonai in the N.T.

The name Adonai speaks of a very special relationship that we have with God. He is our Lord, we are His servants. That why He asks this heart searching question in Luke's gospel.

To know God as Our Lord is a wonderful experience. He has purchased us…we belong to Him. We ought to love and serve Him not as a hired servant, but as member of His family!