Faith of Abraham - Part 14

Genesis 22:1-24

The 22nd chapter of Genesis records for us the greatest test that Abraham would face. It is a beautiful picture of the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, but the primary lesson from this is that God will test His servants from time to time. A faith that cannot be tested, cannot be trusted. We can learn a number of things from the trial to which Abraham was subjected.

I. Expect Trials From God. v1-2

II. Focus On Promises, Not Explanations. v3-5

III. Depend upon God's provision. v6-14

IV. We should look forward to what God has in store for us. v15-24

God set forth a beautiful picture of Christ in this Old Testament account of Abraham's test of faith. We see in Isaac the obedience of Christ to the will of the Father. In Abraham we see the sacrifice of the Father to give His only begotten Son. And prophetically we see the Lamb of God who would take our place that we might have fellowship with God. We must learn how to face the trials of God.