Faith of Abraham - Part 5

Genesis 15:1-21

On Sunday evenings we have been considering one of the major characters of the Bible, Abraham. We have been looking at his life and his faith. Hebrews 11:8 tells us that Abraham followed the Lord by faith. We are also instructed to live our lives by faith. So tonight we continue to look at this great example of a life of faith. We left Abraham last week at a high point in his life. He had just successfully led his army against the four kings of the city-states and rescue Lot as well as all others who had been taken captive from Sodom. He was able to recover all of the stolen goods and was victorious in all. Not only had he been able to overcome the enemy on the battlefield, but he also overcame the subtle attack to compromise with the world.

However, when we begin chapter 15 we find that the Lord appeared to Abraham and the first words He spoke were these, "Fear not". The walk of faith is not without struggles and difficulties. It isn't necessarily a smooth road to travel, but we have the assurances that we do not travel this road alone. God is with us every step of the way. Abraham had concerns and fears, but God was there to reassure him in the midst of those fears. In this chapter we will see three areas of concern that Abraham had, and we will see how that God met each one of them. As we consider Abraham's life of faith, we can find encouragement and strength to live by faith in the God who will meet our every need.

I. He Was Concerned About His Safety. v1

II. He Was Concerned About His Heir. v2-6

III. He Was Concerned About His Land. v7-21

When Abraham was concerned about himself, God assured him saying, "I AM!" When he was concerned about his heir, he heard God say, "I will!" His concern about the land was met by God's promise, "I have given!"

For you and I today, we need to understand that God will meet all of our concerns. He does this through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Abraham believed God, do we? He will meet our every need. He will give us strength for the journey and He will keep His promises to us.