Faith of Abraham - Part 4

Genesis 14:1-24

We have been looking at the faith of Abraham on Sunday evenings. A couple of weeks ago we looked at the trials that God allowed in Abraham's life. God allows trials to come into our lives that we might be matured in the faith. God's desire is for us to grow in every area of our lives, but that will not come easily. There can be no growth without challenge, and there can be no challenge without change. If our circumstances never changed, everything would be predictable; and the more predictable life becomes, the less challenge it represents.

When we walk in the light we can see what is going on, and we experience variety in our lives. But in the darkness everything looks alike. No wonder unsaved people (and backslidden believers) are so bored with life that they are constantly seeking escape! The life of faith presents challenges that keep us going and growing for the Lord.

Remember, we said that when Abraham reached the Promised Land it was not an end, but the beginning of a new walk with God. In chapter 14 we see Abraham in three separate areas, and in each one he must exercise faith and make decisions. Our lives are similar in that we are constantly faced with new challenges that will stretch our faith and cause us to mature in the Lord.

I. Abraham the Watcher. Vs 1?12

II. Abraham the Warrior. v 13 ?16

III. Abraham the Worshiper. v 17-24

What can we gain from this look into Abraham's faith? There is a time to observe, and a time to get involved. We must be prepared for battle, Abraham didn't wait until the war to prepare, nor should we. We should keep our focus upon the Lord and realize it is God who deserves all the glory for whatever we accomplish!