Lessons from the Life of Joseph: Doubting Forgiveness

Genesis 45:1-15

One of the successful tools of our enemy, Satan, is to cause the believer to doubt God's Word. This is true, especially in the area of salvation. If I am not confident of where I am going, it affects me tremendously. If we are not sure of our eternal destiny, how can we lead someone else to the Lord? How can we serve Him with confidence? This problem of doubt plagues many Christians today, but let's learn another lesson from the life of Joseph. Tonight let's learn how to dispel the doubts about forgiveness.

At seventeen, his brothers sold Joseph into slavery. God used this awful act to prepare Joseph for a great work. God elevated Joseph to a high position in Egypt in order to fulfill His purpose. He then used Joseph to be the deliverer and protector of the nation of Israel.

Read: Genesis 45:1-15

I. The Doubt.

II. Reasons for Their Doubt.

III. How The Doubts Were Dispelled.

Are their doubts tonight that need to be dispelled? Why not come and be assured of His love and forgiveness. What about our forgiveness toward others?