Importance of Our Testimony

Galatians 6:10-17

When God began to reveal Himself to the world He did not send down bookshelves filled with outlines, theologies, or lectures, He began with a story. As a matter of fact, He created a huge picture of His love (creation) and then placed a man and a woman inside that picture. Adam and Eve were the first recipients of God's story!

The Bible is filled with the most powerful stories we will ever read or hear, but it isn't just a storybook! It is God's testimony to each of us. Now we are all part of God's story. If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you are the reason that He sent His Only Begotten Son to Calvary 2000 years ago! If you are a believer, then you are also a part of God's story. As Christians we are to repeat the story of God's love to others who need to hear. That includes the nations around the world, and the neighbor across the street.

In this passage we find that John, who walked with Jesus, was now sharing that story with his readers. He was testifying, announcing the Good News of Jesus to those who would listen.

Did you catch the word - testify? One of the TV programs that I grew up with was Perry Mason. If I heard the swearing in of a witness once, I heard it a 100 times. 'Do you solemnly swear that the testimony that you are about to give is the truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God'? What does tell us? That I watched too much TV? Yes, but it tells us something about giving testimony. We are to tell the truth!

There is something else we need to understand about testimony. It is about what we know to be the truth…not what we think or what we have heard. It is all about what we know! That's exactly what God expects from each of His followers - to simply share what we know - to testify to others of what God has done in our lives. to what we have seen Him do in our lives. We don't have to have the Bible memorized or be able to answer every question that someone might have about God. We only have to be willing to share the story of what God did in our life!

During His time on earth that's exactly what happened. Jesus would work in someone's life and they would simply share that story with others.

Read: Galatians 6:10-17

I. Do Good

II. Keep Our Focus on the Cross.

III. Realize We Are Not The Same Any More.

IV. We must be willing to Suffer.

The world needs Christians who will not be afraid to live their faith…and share their testimony. The Lord commanded us to go into all the world and preach the gospel. We will not be able to do that unless we realize the power and importance of our testimony.

The message is a challenge for each of us who are believers to realize the impact that we can have for the cause of Christ through a powerful testimony. Recommit your lives to Him today. Determine to stand for Him regardless of the cost for His glory and honor.

If you are here this morning, and have never placed your faith in finished work of Jesus Christ on Calvary, why not come today? Will you let us show you from God's Word how you can be transformed? Will you trust in Him this morning?