The Ministry of the Spirit

Galatians 3:1-3

A couple of weeks ago I used this text for the evening message. The Galatian believers had been drawn into thinking that they could live the Christian life in the flesh. Paul reminds us of the foolishness of such a notion. And yet that is exactly what many Christians are doing. The last resort is to turn to God. The Holy Spirit and His power in our lives is ignored by many while they turn to the teachings of men and their own power to solve problems.

Over the next few weeks I want to redirect our attention to the One who dwells within each believer to guide and direct us into all truth. The Holy Spirit of God. Much confusion exists because of the crowd that will over-emphasize and misrepresent the true ministry of the Spirit. The Spirit of God has a very important ministry in the lives of believers and should not be over-looked.

I. The Holy Spirit Saves and Sanctifies.

II. The Holy Spirit Provides Access to God.

III. The Holy Spirit Illuminates Scripture.

When we became Christians, God's Spirit convicted us of our sins, brought us to repentance, and regenerated us. He then indwelt, baptized, sealed, gifted, and separated us from sin. He gives us access to God, who supplies all we need for physical and spiritual life. He illuminates our understanding of God's Word so that we are transformed by its principles as He applies them to our lives.

He is our source of spiritual power. Unfortunately, many Christians have been drawn away from depending on the Spirit's ministry and focused on some quick and easy answer to their problems. But there are no shortcuts to godliness. We must allow the Spirit of God to transform us through God's Word and His ministry. That is how we grow as Christians.