Who's On the Lord's Side?

Exodus 32:26

It is important that we understand the context in which this question is asked. Moses was up on the mountain meeting with God. The rest of the people were in the camp and were getting restless about all that was going on, and feared that Moses would never return. They asked Aaron to make them gods to worship. He obliged them and fashioned the golden calf. God sent Moses down from the mountain. He was ready to destroy them all and start over with Moses, but Moses began to intercede on their behalf. When Moses saw what was taking place, he became angry and broke the tablets of the Law. Moses called for those who were on the Lord's side to join him and take a stand. We need the same kind of call to commitment today. I'm not just talking about people who need to be saved this morning. I'm talking about people who profess to know Christ. Many have slipped into idolatry. They may not be worshiping some golden calf idol, but they are worshiping money, houses, jobs, recreation, and at times, people.

I. What does it mean to be on the Lord's side?

II. Why be on the Lord's side?

III. What are the requirements for being on the Lord's side?

God established the local church for believers to grow in grace and in knowledge. What about it this morning? Who is on the Lord's side? Will you deal with sin in your life? Will you consecrate yourself to serving the Lord? Have you made that all important connection with the local church? Will you come today?