The Names Of God - Elohim

Exodus 3:13-14

The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him. But we can only glorify Him and enjoy Him if we know Him. The knowledge of God is more important for the Christian, and even the whole world, than all things-put together. It is therefore vital that we know the names of God as revealed in His Word. Names in the Old Testament were often used as an indication of a person's character or some unique quality. So it is with the names of God.

To know God is to know His names. The English language only affords us the general name GOD, which without investigation tells us nothing of His character.

The first name for God ever used in the Bible in Genesis 1 is ELOHIM. (used over 30 times in Genesis 1 -- used 2,570 times in the Old Testament)

There is a principle of Biblical hermeneutics called the "First Mention Principle." It simply means that the first time something is mentioned the foundation is laid for its truth throughout Scripture. See Genesis 1:1-4. Every time the English word God is mentioned it is ELOHIM.

This evening we want to see three major things about God's name ELOHIM.

I. The Plurality Of The Name Elohim

II. "Elohim" Means Mighty, Or The "Strong One"

III. "Elohim" Means The "One Who Keepeth Covenant"

He is ELOHIM the Strong One and the One that keepeth covenant. That is why He has revealed Himself to us.