Principles, Convictions, Standards, Preferences, and Hang-ups

Exodus 19:23

This morning I would like for us to look at some terms and definitions. I believe that these will help us in making decisions and choices that will be pleasing to God. I don't want anyone to get mad or offended, but I do want us to think! The five terms are Principles, Convictions, Standards, Preferences, and Hang-ups. Let's define them.

I. Principles: Bible truths that we must live by to please God.

II. Convictions: Personal beliefs based upon biblical principles which govern our lives.

III. Standards: Rules that we make to help us keep our convictions.

IV. Preferences: What we believe would please God, but we have no direct biblical basis for it.

V. Hang-ups: Things we believe very strongly about, even though there is no biblical basis for it.