Ten Commandments: #10

Exodus 20:17

We come this morning to the final commandment in the passage of Scripture that we refer to as the 10 Commandments. We have seen that God has given us principles by which we are to live. These principles govern our relationship to God and to others.

Put in simple terms, this command simply says that we should quit worrying about what our neighbor has. It is his, not ours. We need not be like, better than, or superior to our neighbor. Set our priorities on God, not our neighbor’s possessions. Leave our neighbor’s possessions alone. Leave our neighbor’s mate alone, and be satisfied with what God has given us.




Contentment is the opposite of covetousness. Are we content this morning? Content spiritually....have you been born again? Do you know the contentment of being sure of your salvation? Why not come this morning and allow us to show you from the Word of God how you can be saved.

Christians, are we content with our lives? Are we looking to God with thanksgiving in our hearts for the way that He has blessed us? I am not talking about being complacent, but contented that God is in control and at work in and through us. Praise Him this morning for His greatness and His goodness that He has expressed in our lives.

Covetousness looks to others while contentment looks to God. Are we looking to the Lord today?