Ten Commandments: #8

Exodus 20:15

Once again, as we look to the portion of Scripture that we refer to as the 10 Command-ments, we find a very simple and straightforward statement from God. Thou shalt not steal! The Lord does not want to make it difficult for us to understand how He wants His people to live. He gives ten principles for living here in this passage, and it is His desire that we be obedient to them.

This commandment is the eighth. It falls in the section of commands where God is instructing us in how to deal with others. God has commanded us to respect the life of others, the marriage of others, and now God calls on us to respect the rights and property of other people.

I. The Sin of Dishonesty.

II. The Prescription for the sin of dishonesty.

The greatest need of man is not to be honest, it is to be saved! Jesus came to Zacchaeus to meet his needs spiritually first. Then the rest came. You cannot be honest, upright, and righteous without the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. Do you know Him today? Jesus died for you and for me. Have you accepted shed blood as payment for your sin? Trust Him today!

Some of us may think that this message has nothing to do with us, but I doubt that. We are all thieves at heart. Selfish and ruthless when it comes to what we want. God’s desire is that we think of others and their needs. Christians, have we been guilty of stealing from others...stealing from God...come today and make it right with the Lord.