Ten Commandments: #6

Exodus 20:13

In our study of the ten commandments we have seen that God has given us principles by which we are to live our lives for Him. We have looked at the first four principles that dealt with our relationship to God Himself, and now we are looking at the principles that deal with our relationship to others.

The sixth commandment is one of the shortest and most direct statements found in the Scriptures. You would think that this would not be hard to understand, but a misunderstanding and misapplication of this verse has led to all sorts of confusion. People who know nothing of the Lordís mercy and grace in their lives will quote this verse. This verse has been pasted on signs and placards to protest everything from animal rights to O.J. Simpson. What did God mean when He instructed His people not to kill?




Now if that was all that the Bible had to say, we would all be in trouble. There may be someone here today who has committed murder. Whether outwardly or within their own heart. But, God loved us enough to provide forgiveness for all sinners, including murderers! The provision was made on Calvary when Jesus Christ was nailed to an old rugged cross. He died to forgive sin. Not just the sins of some, but the sins of all.

This morning, if you have never asked God to forgive you, what are you waiting for? Why not come today and receive the forgiveness of sin? Christians, what about our attitudes? Do you need to come today and find forgiveness and cleansing? Come now.