No Graven Images

Exodus 20:4-6

Last week we began looking at the passage of Scripture in the Old Testament that we refer to as the 10 commandments. All too many folks believe that the Old Testament, and especially the section we are looking at right now, is no longer valid for today. However, I believe that it is of extreme importance that we have a standard of behavior. Without Godís standard, man determines what is right and what is wrong...and that is precisely why we are in such a mess today!

In the first command we saw that there is but One God, and it is to be our first priority to worship and honor Him with our lives. This second command seems to be very similar to the first. But, this command speaks of how we are to worship Him. It tells us not to try to create Him in our likeness. Where the first command warned against worshipping a false god, this command warns us against worshipping the True God in a false manner.

Let me ask you a question this morning. How big is your God? For some their gods are tangible. Something that they can handle and control. For others their gods hang on the walls or fit into their pockets.

I. The Requirements of this Command.

II. The Reason for this Commandment.

III. Our Response to this Commandment.

Some folks have replaced God with their own image. Not necessarily something carved from wood or stone, but not the True and Mighty God of the Bible either. Have you ever heard someone say of the Word of God. "Oh, I canít believe that God is like that!" "My God is a loving God who would never hurt anyone."

If not that, maybe something similar. Whatís wrong with saying that? It is replacing God with one created in our own image! You see we turn things around and decide who and what our God will be. That is the very thing that God warned us about.

Do you know Jesus Christ as your Savior? Are we worshipping Him in Spirit and in Truth? If not, why not come today and settle things with the Almighty God of all eternity?