Overcoming Hurts

Ephesians 4:31-32

Many people who seem to move through life without a care in the world are suffering from a lot more hurt than most of us realize. The smiles on their faces are covering a flood of tears in their hearts.

Some of the hurts which we receive are only minor in nature. They amount to nothing more than day to day bruises and need to be brushed aside as quickly as they arise. These kinds of hurts should require nothing more than a bandaid and a little time to heal. However, many of the hurts are far more serious. They cause great pain, and require a lot more than a bandaid to heal. They are more like open wounds and the pain they cause is deep and lasting. How do we handle these kinds of hurts? The way in which we deal with them will have much to do with their effect upon us. We want to consider three options available to us this evening.

I. We Can Internalize Them.

II. We Can Retaliate.

III. We Can Forgive.

There is no way to avoid getting hurt. They will come, but the question is how will we respond? We can choose to internalize the hurts and become embittered. We can choose to retaliate and escalate the situation. Or, we can choose to forgive! The choice is ours.