Christian Parenting

Deuteronomy 6:6-7

It seems that today's Christian parent is constantly looking for help on how to rear their children. There are many books in Christian bookstores on parenting, but although much of the parenting advice is from a Christian perspective, it is not truly biblical. Christian parents need to understand and apply the principles that the Bible sets forth in order to bring up their children in a way that honors Christ. An old Chinese proverb says, "One generation plants the trees and another gets the shade." We benefit from previous generations. Our parents provided a moral grounding in what is right and wrong. There were absolutes that provided great security for us as we matured into adulthood. But the greater question for us today is this; what are we planting for our children? What are we doing right now, that will provide for the next generation of our children? The sad truth is that we live in a society where the focus is upon ourselves, not upon our children. We want what we want and there is little regard for others.

I am thankful for ministries such as Grace Baptist Academy, and for parents who realize the importance of investing in the lives of their children. Let me give you some thoughts today on the subject of Christian parenting.

Intro: The Decline of the Family

I. Children Should Be Seen As A Blessing, Not a Hardship

II. Parenting Is Supposed To Be A Joy, Not A Burden

III. Success in Parenting Is Measured By What the Parents Do, Not By What the Child Does

IV. A Child's Most Important Influences Come From the Parents, Not Peers

  • There are no coffee breaks from being a parent.
  • It is not something to be done a few minutes a day or on a weekend only basis.
  • For many parents the first step must be a commitment to the things of the Lord Jesus Christ for yourselves.
  • Parents, take inventory of your own hearts.
  • Would you be pleased, would the Lord be pleased, if your children turned out exactly like you?
  • It is impossible for you to lead your children where you won't try to go.
  • You can't influence your children to serve the Lord wholeheartedly if you don't.