Why Good Men Fail

Deuteronomy 1:19-40

In this morning's text we find Moses addressing the nation of Israel just prior to their entry into the Promised Land. Moses recounts the failure of ten good men some forty years earlier. Of the twelve men chosen to spy out the land in numbers 13, we only remember Joshua and Caleb. What about the other ten men? They were good men, or else they wouldn't have been chosen. They had been chosen because of their abilities and qualifications. Yet when they returned from their mission they had utterly failed! Why should we concern ourselves with the failure of these ten men so long ago? I believe it is important for us to consider these men and their failure because good people are still making the same mistakes that these men made. Think about the people you know who "used to be" faithful servants of the lord. Where are they now? Why aren't they serving god today? Why have they failed? Another reason we should consider the failure of these men is found in Paul's first letter to the church at Corinth.

God has given us the account of the failure of these men that we might take heed and learn from it to prevent our own failure

I. Failed Because Of Discouragement.

II. Failed Because Of Deceit.

III. Failed Because Of Doubt.

These men failed because of discouragement, deception, and doubt which led to their disobedience.

The sad thing is this: they didn't have to fail! Joshua and Caleb believed God, refused to be discouraged by others, and weren't deceived by the obstacles. Their reward? To enter in and possess all that God had for them.

My friend if you do not know Jesus Christ as Savior today accept Him by faith and you will receive all that God has for you in eternal life. Christian, is your life best characterized by faithfulness or failure have you doubted God's promises? Why not come today yielding your life for His service, trusting His word every step of the way?