What Can We Count on in 2004?

Deut. 31:1-8

As we come to the close of another year, we have mixed emotions. We have some sorrow over events that have taken place in our lives. Failures that we wish hadn't happened. Fewer successes than we would have hoped to have. But along with these there is excitement about what will come in the New Year!

The traditional symbols of this time of year are the old man and the new baby. It is a way of illustrating the past and the future. The future is filled with all the hope of a newborn baby. So much promise…so many possibilities…so much to look forward to!

So what can we truly count on in 2004? Well let me give you some negatives first, and then I want to draw your attention to some positives.

Read: Deuteronomy 31:1-8

I. His Knowledge Never Fails

II. His Compassion Never Fails

III. His Power Never Fails

IV. His Word Never Fails

So what can we count on in 2004? We can count on the Lord. Knowing that …

Christian, are you faithfully resting upon God and His promises to us? Trusting Him to lead us every step of the way? Following Him in obedience? If not, will you come this morning and commit the coming year to Him?

Friends, do you know Him as your personal Savior today? I can think of no better way to end one year and begin another, than to place your trust in God…come to the cross today…come to the Savior! He is waiting for you to come.