The Trail of Blood

Deuteronomy 32:7

In our text tonight Moses is rehearsing the history of the nation of Israel. Last week we saw how that we, as Baptists, have a goodly heritage. We can learn much from looking back to our history. As we said last week, we are not Protestants, we are Baptists!

‘Baptist’ is a distinctive doctrinal position more than just a denominational name. We are Baptist because of what we believe! It is a name that identifies us, and separates us. When John the Baptist was martyred for his faith and uncompromising stand a "trail of blood" was begun that flows down through the ages until now.

Over the next few weeks I want to bring a series of messages that deal with the distinctives held by Baptists. Dan Freeman, missionary to Taiwan, taught his little boy to answer the question: ‘What would you be if you weren’t a Baptist?’ by saying, "I’d be ashamed!" I whole-heartedly agree!

I wouldn’t want to be anything other than what I am today. A sinner saved by the marvelous grace of God and an independent Baptist! A lady asked me again this week about what we believe here. She wanted to know if we taught ‘once saved always saved’ in our school. I told her that we didn’t teach specific lessons on that particular topic, but that it would no doubt come out somewhere along the way in our teaching. Why? Because we are Baptists and we teach the Bible!

- Eternal life means just that. - Jesus taught the importance of being born again, not over and over again! -His blood is sufficient to atone for all my sin as a sinner, and for all my sin as a sinner saved by grace! -To deny that is to limit the Almighty Son of God! - That I will not do!

My salvation does not depend upon depends upon the Lord Jesus Christ!

We as an independent Bible-believing Baptist church base everything we believe and preach on the fact that the Bible is a miracle book! It is the foundation on which all faith and practice is based. Written by men who were supernaturally inspired, it is the only complete and final revelation of God to man. From Genesis to Revelation it stands unified without error or contradiction.

I. It Is Miraculous In Inspiration.

II. The Bible Is Miraculous In Its Preservation.

III. The Bible Is Miraculous In Its Power.

We believe that we have a supernatural Bible! It is a miracle book! It is miraculous in its Inspiration, in its Preservation, and in its Power. Our position on the Bible separates us from many other churches and groups of believers. We are BIBLE Baptists. We believe that this Holy Bible, A.V. 1611, is the final authority in matters of faith and practice. God inspired it, preserved it, and empowered it...we are privileged to proclaim it here and around the world!