Study of Daniel

Daniel 1:1-12:13

Tonight we want to begin a study of the book of Daniel. The book of Daniel is to the Old Testament what the book of Revelation is to the New Testament. The two books really go hand in hand and we compare them to understand their meaning. Prophetically the book deals with the times of the Gentiles.

The first half of the book Daniel is historical and Daniel interprets the dreams of others. The last half of the book is prophetical and he is given visions of his own concerning the future of his people.

I. Daniel's Dedication, 1:1-21

II. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream: The Great Image, 2:1-49

III. The Fiery Furnace: A Lesson in Faith, 3:1-30

This chapter deals with the matter of commitment. Too often in our Christian life we are more than ready to make a contribution to God, but we balk when it comes to total commitment. This chapter deals with three men who were totally committed to God.

IV. Nebuchadnezzar's Vision of the High Tree, 4:1-37

V. Belshazzar's Feast, 5:1-31

There Is about twenty years between chapter four and five. Nebuchadnezzar has passed off the scene. The king of Babylon is now the arrogant Belshazzar and his father Nabonidus. The city of Babylon is under siege by the armies of Cyrus the Persian. Belshazzar was so sure of his safety and security within the walls of Babylon that he was holding a feast. Historians tell us that he could have withstood a twenty-five year siege. So in this chapter the focus is on Belshazzar.

VI. Daniel in the Lions' Den, 6:1-28

According to Bible historians, Daniel was 80 years old when Darius the Mede took control of the kingdom of Babylon. Daniel had seen five previous kings take control and then lose their power to another. I'm sure by now he is even more convinced that the only one a person can count on is God. It is interesting to see that Daniel retained a position of respect and honor throughout all of these kingdoms. Now as we see the re-organization of the Babylonian kingdom under the authority of Darius, Daniel still retains an honored position.

VII. Daniel's Vision of the Four Beasts and the Ancient of Days, 7:1-28

VIII. Daniel's Vision of the Ram, Goat, and Little Horn, 8:1-27

IX. Daniel's Prophecy of Seventy Weeks of Years, 9:1-27

X. Daniel's Prophetic Panorama, 10: I - 12:13