Real Faith: What Good Is It?

Daniel 3:16-18

Last week I spoke to you concerning the meaning of "Real Love", today I want to turn your attention to "Real Faith". Read text.

The Hebrew children knew God, they had placed their faith in Him, and they were relying on Him to see them through any circumstance.

There are many lessons we can gain from a study of this text. One of the greatest is that we gain victories in faith. Many things we do not understand about the Bible, but we know that when we by faith lay hold of God, we have the victory.

I. What is Faith?

II. What Good is Real Faith?

III. How Do We Get This Kind of Faith?

Do we have real faith? Faith that brings salvation...Faith that brings peace with God...Faith that results in an effective prayer life...Faith that believes the promises of God!

Why not come today...believe God for eternal life...and believe Him for the life we now live.