The Lost

Acts 16:16-34

Very often we are guilty of using terminology that we assume everyone else understands. But, I don't want anyone to misunderstand what the Scriptures say when it comes to salvation! It is too important for us to just walk away wondering what the Bible really says!

Two terms that I use quite a bit is 'Lost' and 'Saved'. Many of you understand what I am saying when I use those terms, but perhaps not all of you. A person is 'saved' when they have accepted the finished work of Christ on Calvary as payment for their sin. It means being born again, or being a child of God.

A person who has no personal relationship with God; one who has never accepted Christ as their personal Savior, is 'Lost'. I love to hear the testimony of how the 'Lost' person becomes 'Saved'. Each one here today who has accepted Christ has a unique testimony. In our text this morning we have a biblical testimony of how one man who was 'Lost' came to Christ and was gloriously 'Saved'. We see in his testimony several stages of his life.

Read: Acts 16:16-34

I. The First Stage: Unconcern

II. The Second Stage: Fear v 27

III. The Third Stage: A Call for a Light v29

IV. Final Stage: A Humble Cry for Help v29b-30

What a great testimony! This man saw his need, repented toward God, and was saved! What about you this morning? Do you have that testimony as well? This morning if you have never been saved, why not come to Christ? Is there unconcern? Fear? Jesus said, "...him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out" Jn 6:37