Christmas is Over…Now What?

Acts 20:35

Did Christmas you get what you wanted or did you get what you expected? Did you come away satisfied, or are you kind of discouraged by it all? I have some great memories of Christmas as a little boy, but there were also some times of great disappointment. That is probably true for many folks. Christmas holds such promise for what could be and then the reality sets in.

Let me remind you of a conversation that most of you have had over the last few weeks. It probably went something like this. "You know it is almost Christmas? I can't believe it will be here so soon!" Remember that? Well Christmas is over, now what do we do?

I. It's Time To Put Things Away.

II. It's Time To Express Gratitude For What We Have Received.

III. It's Time To Get Back To A Normal Routine.

IV. It's Time To Start Thinking About The New Year

Christmas is over…It is time to put away the things that would hinder us in our service. It is time to express our gratitude for all we have received. It is time to get back to the normal routine. And it is time to start thinking about the New Year.