Evidence of Salvation: How Do We Know?

Acts 16:22-31

The jailer in Philippi asked what is perhaps the most important question anyone, anywhere, at anytime could ask. No sane, intelligent thinking individual can take the matter of his soul's eternal salvation lightly. He may never darken the door of a church, study the Bible, or seem to be interested in spiritual matters; but in his more serious moments, perhaps when he is alone or faced with some tragedy, the question of eternity will be foremost in his mind.

This morning, if you have never come by faith and accepted God's free gift of salvation through the finished work of Jesus Christ then you need to settle the matter once and for all. There is only one way to come to God, through faith in His Son, Jesus.

That being said, there is another important question that has baffled multitudes of people down through the centuries. "How may I know that I am saved?"

God's Word tells us that we can know that we have eternal life. There should be no doubts about this most important matter! This morning I would like to give you a few thoughts on how we can know that we are born again, and on our way to heaven.

I. Evidence of Change.

II. Evidence of God's Word.

III. Evidence of God's Abiding Spirit.

Evidence of Salvation:

Are you saved? Are these evidences present in your life? If not I want to invite you to come to Jesus by faith and be born again. Your life will be changed forever!

Whatever the need, come today.