MVP? Me?

Acts 4:10-14

MVP… when we hear those three letters put together, they usually mean one thing to us. Someone who has excelled in some sort of team sporting event. How would you like to be an MVP? It is possible. More than possible, it is necessary! Not for the success of some sports endeavor, but for the greatest endeavor of all…reaching this world for Christ. This morning we heard from Shelly Henderson. She has determined to become an MVP. MVP = Most Valuable Person.

We can all become MVP's if we will determine to do so. It has to do with sharing the Most Valuable Product = the Word of God.

Some are convinced that God could never use them…that they could never become MVP's, but that simply isn't true! In our text this morning we find some individuals who may not have known a lot of things…but they knew the important things!

Give background to text… Read: Acts 4:5-14

They are described as 'ignorant and unlearned'. Perhaps that was true from the world's perspective, but as far as the Lord was concerned they were MVP's. They serve as examples for each of us this morning, and remind us that we can become MVP's for the Lord. They were 'ignorant and unlearned' but they knew the important things…

I. They Knew the Savior

II. They Knew the Scriptures

III. They Knew Salvation

In much the same way, you and I can become MVP's as well. Most Valuable People sharing the Most Valuable Product … salvation through Jesus Christ. How?

It may be that the need in your life this morning is to get to know Jesus personally. You have never come to Him by faith and received this salvation. Come today…do not delay.

Christian, are you an MVP? Why not come this morning and re-commit your life to the Lord. Determine that you will make a difference for all eternity.

Whatever the need, the invitation is for you to come to Jesus.