Everybody Needs A Team

Acts 2:41-47

Well, the 2004 Olympics have come and gone with some pretty unusual things taking place. I don't know if you watched any of the coverage or not. There was the 'streaker' who did a belly flop into the pool during the men's synchronized swimming event. There was also a defrocked Irish priest who pushed a Brazilian marathon runner into the crowd costing him the gold medal.

Sounds weird doesn't it? Fortunately, these kinds of incidents were few. Most of the time we saw teams and individuals working hard to best represent their countries. When the tally was finalized it was the USA that wound up with the most medals, 103.

That makes me feel proud, even though I didn't break a sweat during the competitions. Why? Because I am an American and they were my team! Who can forget the excitement over the 'Miracle Team' of 1980? There is something important about being a part of something greater than ourselves. Now as proud and as exciting as it is to be an American and watch the teams succeed. It isn't even close to what it must be for the team members. Think of what it would mean to actually participate in the competition!

The title of the message this morning is "Everybody Needs a Team". That is especially important to us in the spiritual realm. Throughout the Scriptures we find illustrations of this importance of being a part of the team. For Christians, the team is the local church. As a believer, we are a part of the overall body of Christ, but it is through the local church where we have an opportunity to serve the Lord. God has not called us to be spectators, but to be participants.

Read: Acts 2:41-47

I. Why Become a Part of the Team?

II. Consequences of Going It Alone

III. The Importance of Staying With the Team

Speaking generally, five groups of people constitute the average congregation.

Which group best describes us?

Everybody needs a team. God knew that and has established the local church for our benefit. God desires that we be participants and not just spectators. Let's be obedient to Him this morning. If you are interested in talking with me about uniting with this local church, take the time to let me know. If you are ready to make this commitment now, come. If you need to trust Christ as Savior, don't put it off. If God has challenged you this morning to get off the bench and start serving Him in this church, come.

What ever the need, come to Him this morning.